Video for Apple Devices

Lastly, I would like to report on some findings I made with regard to Apple Devices and their supported video playback.

I did some tests with h.264 video encoding. A lot of this won’t mean much, but it’s nice to write it down for future reference.

Ipods do not support:

  • b-frames
  • cabac
  • trellis
  • 8x8dct

Ipods Do support

  • Resolutions greater than what is listed on Apple’s website provided that the height does not exceed the listed height (i.e. 640×480 is listed as the max for the iPod touch, but it will play 855×480.) Of course, it won’t show a high resolution, it will down-convert it to what it can show.
  • 4 reference frames
  • detecelining
  • decoming

I also have to note that handbrake’s presets are pretty good for apple devices.

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