TESOL Part 2: The sessions

I didn’t go to that many sessions this year, but I would like to talk about a few.

VoiceThread – I went to a great presentation on VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a web app that allows for group conversations around images, documents and videos. It seems like it might be a great tool for use with language learning.

Audacity – This is a recording tool I have used before. I really didn’t like it. I thought I would go to the presentation and see if my mind would change. It did. Audacity seems to be a program with hidden tools! I may use it again . . . or stick with garage band.

Past, Present and Future of CALL – This was an interesting ‘presentation.’ It was done by a panel of past chairs of the CALL-IS. They each talked about CALL. Some talked about the past and others about the present. Many of them said that it is hard to envision the future. Most dreamed of practical technologies are here. I, however, thing that I can. What will we see is the unification of technology. What does that mean? Well, we will see a unification in data. Think of Star Trek. No worries about compatibility. Need to talk to someone; just say their name and the computer does the rest. We will see an end to contact lists . . . I think and hope. We’ll see, I could talk about this for ever.

Online Resources for Literacy – I actually just happened into this session. It was directed toward k-12 teachers. I found the resources to be interesting, especially for use in lower proficiency students. I’ll be passing some of those links along to our committee that is working on materials for lower levels. I may also review some of them here as well.

TESOL Technology Standards – This was a good presentation. I was there with Neil Anderson and Troy Cox. It is interesting to see how they have organized the standards and have some for both teachers and learners. Once again, this might be something I will review on another post.

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