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First of all, welcome to my professional blog. I thought about having a welcome post, but then I thought that I should get right down to business.

I’m a tech guru. I assume that some of my future readers might be as well. I also like to be creative and make things. As I started working on my blog, digital teaching portfolio, and website, I really wanted to do some cool stuff. Cool stuff takes time.

One of the things that I think all teachers and basically anyone who has a life should do is carefully way options. I could spend hours developing my own blog, porfolio and website. It would be fun. I would enjoy myself. Unfortunately, it would also keep me from actually doing what I wanted to do: blog. One day I might do it too, but why re-invent the will. So, I’m using wordpress like crazy. WordPress for the blog, wordpress as a CMS, and wordpress as an information and direction hub. For me it came down to what the purpose actually was. Will I do some web development for fun? Sure I will!

I had a computer teacher say something wise to me once. He said that often times computer gurus take 10 hours to develop something they need, when there is a suitable option readily available. 10 hours coding or 10 hours blogging, working, sleeping, eating, watching tv, being a human? I think we all know what was chosen.

So, this rambling mess might not be the best way to start off my blog, but I hope it get a message across. Part of our own productivity is based on our own priorities. Productivity means different things for different people.

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