If this then that

I’ve heard great things about using ifttt.com. I finally got around to using it. It’s a great way to automate repetitive tasks on the Internet. For example, you can make a recipe that automagically saves pictures from Pinterest to dropbox. I think I may have just made a recipe that will repost this blog on my professional blog to my family blog. If it works as well as it claims to, then I’ll love it.

Here is a picture. I wanted to see how this works.

(It worked, but the picture has been removed.)

A change of pace

The last few days have been miserable, yet they have also been a pleasant change of pace. I’ve been busy . . . . super busy. Perhaps even the busiest I have ever been. From January 1st to April 1st, I was working 60 hour weeks. The hours were spread out (not evenly) between 3 jobs and working on a dissertation. On April 1st I quit my job. Quitters really are the happiest people. I was subsequently brought on as a contractor/consultant for the company. I turned in my dissertation to my committee with a scheduled defense date of May 16th. So, what have I been doing? Three things really.

  1. I was the sickest I have ever been in my adult life.
  2. I’ve updated my landing page and portfolio.
  3. I finally went through and caught up on my RSS feeds and posted stuff to twitter and google plus.
This doesn’t mean I’m not busy working. I’ve got plenty to do; it just doesn’t take me 60 hours a week anymore.